Monday, September 3, 2012

Just Because You're Not Working Today ...

Welcome to another national holiday in the US, another day where most of the country is sleeping in, having a late breakfast or better yet, a nice brunch, and then either wondering what they're doing with the rest of the day, or going out for planned picnics, bike rides, golf or some other recreational activity.

This is also a day, though, where a small but growing number of people have to work as they usually do.  As retailers and restaurants take advantage of national holidays to remain open, more and more of us find ourselves getting up at the usual time and heading out to work, despite the pleas of children, spouses and friends to just call in sick and have a day off like the "rest of the world."

There are also those who are working today without whom we would be in deep trouble – police, EMS, fire, airline workers, bus drivers, garbage collectors, doctors and nurses in hospital emergency rooms, television and radio reporters, engineers and talk show hosts ... the list goes on and on.

Holidays, then, are days that we, as consumers, can be kind to those we deal with today, those who are working solely for our benefit, so we can enjoy our day off.  No doubt stores and movie theaters that are open today will be crowded, as will parks and restaurants.  

Remember your manners and your "please" and "thank you"s, and maybe even an extra "thank you" just to let the person waiting on you know how much you appreciate the fact that they gave up their day off with their families to make your day off more enjoyable.

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