Monday, September 26, 2016

Seven Extra Hours A Day: It's Possible!

Seven extra hours a day - what would you do if you had that much time left over every day?  Would you play with your kids?  Spend time with your significant other?  Perhaps get away from work for a few hours?  Imagine all the things you could do if you just had more time every day.

I've figured it out - a way to get done everything that needs to be accomplished every day, be less stressed and still have been able to exercise, read and build your relationships.  One client I've used as a guinea pig for the process first said it was awesome and then called BS; no way could this be done.  But, in reality, it's all a matter of perspective and scheduling.

This isn't just another time management scheme.  It really works.  And yes, it takes some hard work at first, but once you get into the groove, you'll find this method becomes second nature.  If you skip a day, you feel almost cut adrift, so you're back to it as quickly as you can.

It does work.  I've been using it for the last few months just to prove to myself that it works and, indeed, it does.  The key is time blocking - blocking out specific times of day to do specific things, in a specific order.  So, grab your calendar and I'll give you a brief overview of how it works (and keep reading for more info on how to attend one of my new webinars to get the complete program).

What is time blocking?
Time blocking is an easy, simple way to make sure the most important things are taken care of every day, through blocking out time for the most important areas of your life, letting everything else flow around those blocks.

Time management lies
There are two basic lies we tell ourselves about time management:

  • "I'm great at multi-tasking."  It's something we always tell ourselves, that we can multitask like nobody's business.  Over the last week, I've even seen it used on resumes - "I'm a great multi-tasker."  The truth is, there is no such thing as multi-tasking; our brains are subconscious multi-taskers, letting you breathe, blink, swallow and walk without conscious thought.  Our conscious brains are dummies - they can only focus on one thing at a time and do it well.  Multi-tasking is really switching rapidly between several things, without letting your brain settle on any one thing long enough to pay attention to it.  So stop trying to be great at multi-tasking and, instead, focus on one thing at a time, do it well and move on.
  • "I'm looking for work-life balance."  We are all given one life.  With it, we work, we love, we learn and we exist.  What we're looking for is not balance between one life and another, but balancing all parts of our life and not each part has equal weight, so why are we trying to balance them?  Most would say their family is the biggest part of their lives, but by their actions - working too much, being distracted by business, allowing other things to come before family - they're showing the truth of their beliefs.  
It's time for self-examination
Before you can even think about getting your time under control, it's important to do a self-examination.  What REALLY is most important in your life?  Ask yourself these questions:
  • What are the eight most important things you need to do each day?
  • What's distracting you from being able to take care of those things?
  • Are the distractions really the minutiae of everyday life or do they involve your most important things?  Most often, they have nothing to do with what you SAY is important
If the same inconsequential distractions consistently take you away from what you THINK is most important, recognize where you're fooling yourself - by your actions, you PROVE what is most important to you.  And if you're worried you'll lose a job or a client because you're taking care of what truly is most important to you, they're the wrong ones for you.  Or you need to come to grips with what REALLY is important to you.

The Eight Daily Time Blocks 
Look at the number "8."  It's two perfectly balanced circles, one on top of another.  Turn it on its side, and it becomes the symbol for infinity - a perfect, never-ending balance.

Blocking out time each day, for the eight most important areas of life will bring your life into balance, meaning everything gets done, when it's supposed to be done, in order and on time, with less stress and more time left over.  It even allows you to get eight hours sleep, enjoy meals with family and friends and occasionally pick the kids up from school!

In order of importance, the eight time blocks are:
  • Spirituality
  • Physical Health
  • Reading
  • Relationships
  • Your job
  • Your business
  • Your finances
  • Daily wrap-up
Sounds simple, doesn't it?  But there's much more to it.  It's striking a balance between each of the eight blocks and ensuring you're doing them consistently, in order.

I'm putting together some webinars in the next few weeks to show you how to take these eight time blocks and make them part of your daily routine, leading to more time, less stress and a happier life.  The webinars will be FREE to regular subscribers to my newsletter, so sign up now to be the first to know when the webinars are available and to get your discount code.

Remember - only regular subscribers to my newsletter will get the discount code and be able to attend free, so sign up today!

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